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            1. Product Center

              Product Center > RO and NF membrane product series
              RO and NF membrane product series

              We have our own core technology in R&D and production of membrane sheets and elements for RO and NF applications. After years of technological R&D and production practice, we have obtained profound technology accumulation in the field of composite membranes and have achieved technical innovation and breakthroughs. With performance and major technical specifications of our products both reaching world class level, we have established a complete industrial chain of high-performance membrane products.


              Extensive applications in emerging fields

              Our high-performance separation membrane products can be used in:
              - Material concentration and separation (such as lithium extraction, bioscience, food, hydrogen energy, etc.),
              - Water treatment, including industrial applications (semiconductor, reuse of reclaimed water, zero discharge, etc.)
              - Municipal applications (seawater/brackish water desalination, drinking water, reuse, etc.)
              - Upgrading of residential consumption (water softeners, water purifiers, whole-house water purification systems, etc.).
              Our products are widely used. They are considered as new, strategic materials for emerging industries facing the new frontiers of science, technology, national economy and people's livelihood.


              RO and NF membrane product series
              • RO membrane sheets and elements
              • NF membrane sheets and elements
              RO membrane sheets and elements
              NF membrane sheets and elements